Troubleshooting Composer and Zend Framework

While brushing up on my Composer commands, I had some trouble after running composer update, I found a nice troubleshooting list to check your setup/debug/troubleshoot:

I have found that almost always (when working with Zend Framework 2.x – applies to ZF 1.x also) a problem with composer update is solved by step #4, clearing out the vendor folder and running the update command again.

MacUpdate is running a developer bundle sale on some great apps for Mac Devs

The bundle highlights include:

Delta Walker, Dash, Flux, Paw (REST Services Tool), Forklift and Code Runner (and more…)

Save 84% on these apps, this is a killer deal for Mac Devs:

Apple Announces New OS X Update 10.11, “El Capitan”

From WWDC this week:

“Apple’s next major release of OS X will be dubbed “El Capitan,” the company announced on Monday, featuring a number of tweaks and improvements, including enhancements to Spotlight, new gesture-based input methods for built-in apps, and more.”